Zero to Shipped

- Master Fullstack Development and finally ship a product

GitHub stars won't pay your rent

Kitze shares his journey as the founder of Sizzy, from an open-source project to a paid product. He talks about the challenges he faced, tough decisions he made, and his struggle with an existential crisis. Attendees will gain insight into the complexities of building a successful product and the importance of self-care.

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danieljcafonsoDaniel Afonso@danieljcafonso

We are starting @ReactAlicante with the amazing @thekitze on stage

"Developers are the worst audience to sell to" 😅 @thekitze

@thekitze @InfobipShift Great one Kitze. I’m really looking forward to the recording.

[IZVJEŠTAJ] Može li se živjeti od razvijanja besplatnog softvera i zašto svaki developer mora poznavati fintech - teme su kojima je otvoren @InfobipShift 2022.

@thekitze We were honored to have you here Kitze. The talk was great, again 🙂 thank you for being a part of Infobip Shift 2022!

Also met @thekitze at Infobip Shift, who reminded me of @garyvee in his charisma & energy (Kitze opened the event). I told him I met Gary in early Web 2.0 days, when he came up to me at an event and started talking. Hard to believe now, but back then I had the higher profile :)

Solve your own problems, and trust me, there's someone out there with the same problem" @thekitze at @InfobipShift

Couldn’t imagine a better ice breaker than @thekitze

Here we go. Technical problems at the opening talk. 😁 Kitze doing a good job improvising.👍 #infobipshift #shthappens

I want to tip my hat at @thekitze, even with tech issues, he managed to do a great opening talk for @InfobipShift !

Yes, let’s go!!! @thekitze kicking off @InfobipShift 🔥 #infobipshift

"If you are doing things you love, it's fine being #2, or #175 or number whatever." @thekitze

Important lesson or controversial opinion? "You'll always be working for someone. Now our customers are our boss. But I just wanted to build a browser. Most days I wanna quit, escape and just build sth else. There's always this hopeful part of building annew product." @thekitze

I have really enjoyed @thekitze talk “GitHub stars won’t pay your rent” at #ReactAlicante 🙌🏻 It’s been so interesting to know about your experience making #Sizzy Thank you for sharing 😃

@thekitze Man, that was awesome! The best speech ever 💪 And so impressive story and mindset of course… Thanks.

@thekitze opening up @ReactAlicante with the best development process philosophy 😂 “I am tired of” Driven Development 👏 we need an acronym now!!!

A really fun opening in @ReactAlicante with @thekitze 🤩

He had a dream 😄 @thekitze at @ReactAlicante