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4 years ago

The saddest "Just Ship It" story ever

This is a story of how it took me way too long to ship a product, and I ended up paying for a competitor product instead.


4 years ago

GitHub stars won't pay your rent

Going from OSS to SaaS. Mistakes made and lessons learned from launching Sizzy - The Browser For Developers.


4 years ago

GPT-3 is the beginning of the end

Developers are scared of change. But why? Here are my thoughts on how no-code tools, AI, and GPT-3 will change the web development industry as we know it.


My conference talks

Navigating the hype driven world of frontend dev without going insane

Focus on the right things, reduce FOMO, start enjoying web development.

State management in a GraphQL era

Now that GraphQL takes care of managing the data in our apps, is an external state-management library even needed?

But, you're not Facebook

Stop solving problems that are already solved or problems that don't exist. You don't work for Facebook.

I was a guest on these podcasts

"On this episode, we’re joined by spe­cial guest Lea Alcan­tara to talk with Kitze about Sizzy, his web brows­er for devel­op­ers & designers."

React Podcast

"Today we're talking with Kitze about his transition from open source to product, what his development browser Sizzy has taught him about business, and the dangers of our hype-driven development cycles."

The Entrepreneurial Coder

"In this episode, Kitze takes us through his journey building his latest app, Sizzy – the browser for developers. This episode is full of great advice for those wanting to build apps and generate income from them."

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